About Us

Who We Are

Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu was founded in 1981 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit martial arts school.  From its inception, Seven Star has been a women-only Kajukenbo school dedicated to improving the health, safety, confidence and well-being of women in the Seattle area.   We represent four generations of women teaching women self-defense and the art of Kajukenbo. We are a LGBTQIA-friendly community and welcome all individuals who identify as women.  Seven Star has created a nurturing, non-threatening environment for women to learn practical self defense skills and build strength and confidence through martial arts.  We offer a range of classes: regular Kajukenbo classes, introductory classes, special workshops/training opportunities that complement student training, and self defense classes and workshops to teach individuals how to protect themselves physically and emotionally.

To keep Seven Star affordable, monthly dues are on a sliding scale based on income, there are no contracts or annual fees, scholarships and work study are available to offset the financial costs to train, ASL interpreting is available, and free on-site childcare is available for moms while they train.

Seven Star embraces gender diversity and welcomes all individuals who identify as women. We welcome women of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels. We accept students as young as 13 years of age in our Kajukenbo program.  We teach self defense to girls age 11 and up.

What Makes Seven Star Different?

Our School Structure

All Seven Star classes are taught by our Co-Chief Instructors,  Sigung Michelle McVadon and Sifu Allyson Riley, or by students in advanced belt ranks (green, brown, and black) who have been mentored by Sigung Michelle.  As a nonprofit organization, Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu is governed by a Board of Directors (Steering Committee).  The Steering Committee is comprised of student and teacher representatives. Our business is run through a small staff—the Co-Chief Instructors, our Executive Director, childcare providers, and ASL interpreters.  Volunteers help to run aspects of the school’s business including fundraising, childcare, interpreting, outreach, and building maintenance.

We Are Affordable and Accessible

Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu was founded to provide a safe and nurturing environment for women to train in the martial arts and learn practical self-defense skills.  To make it easy and affordable for women to train at Seven Star, we offer sliding scale dues based on income; scholarships and dues exchange to offset the costs of training; ASL interpreting for our deaf students; and free on-site childcare for moms while they train.  There are no contracts, annual fees, or fees for belt tests.