History & Lineage

About Kajukenbo

At Seven Star, we practice the Gaylord Method of Chu’an Fa Kung Fu in the Kajukenbo system.  Kajukenbo is an eclectic style that combines techniques from several martial arts:

  • Tang Soo Do (Korean karate)
  • Kodokan judo
  • Jujitsu
  • Kosho Ryu kenpo
  • Shaolin kung fu

Kajukenbo uses straight line kicks and punches from karate, the circular defense and footwork of kung fu, and the joint locks and throws of judo and jujitsu.  Students learn rolling, falling, nerve attacks, and weapons.  We practice sparring, fighting skills, forms, and self-defense against both physical and verbal assaults.

Kajukenbo is effective in real-life situations.  It does not rely on size or strength alone, making it well suited for women.  Training in Kajukenbo at Seven Star develops strength, balance, coordination and mental focus. Students gain self-confidence, self-discipline, self-respect, and a place in our supportive community.

Kajukenbo History

Kajukenbo was developed as a realistic street fighting/self defense system combining the most useful aspects of the each of the five arts to create a new, eclectic, adaptive martial art. It started in the late 1940s in the Palama Settlement of Honolulu, Hawaii. The five founders of Kajukenbo formed the “Black Belt Society,” and each was expert in a different style:

  • Peter Y. Y. Choo – Tang Soo Do Karate
  • Joe Holck – Judo
  • Frank Ordonez – Jujitsu
  • Adriano Emperado – Kenpo
  • Clarence Chang – Kung Fu (Chinese boxing)

Our History

Sifu Michelle Training


Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu was founded  in 1981 by Anne Moon. Her student Michelle McVadon, a seventh-degree black belt, has been head instructor since 1995. Our school represents four generations of women teaching women in the martial arts.

Seven Star has been teaching Kajukenbo and self defense to women in the Seattle community for a third of a century. In the early years of the organization, classes were held in community centers, rented space, or in shared spaces with other martial arts schools.  In 2000, through the efforts of an extensive capital campaign and grants, Seven Star purchased our current building located in Seattle’s Central District.

Our Lineage

saluting Bones

Our Kajukenbo lineage is as follows:

  • Adriano Emperado (founder of Kajukenbo)
  • Charles Gaylord
  • Gabe Vargas
  • Rich Mainenti
  • Barbara Bones
  • Anne Moon
  • Michelle McVadon
  • Allyson Riley